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Until I get a blog up and running, I will field questions via email at bain.gregory@gmail.com. I will answer questions with broad appeal here on the site. Questions with a very narrow focus I will try to answer directly via email.

Can I paint my oak cabinets?

Dozens of people have asked me that question The answer is yes, and some examples are in the Cabinets page of the Gallery. Special precautions must be taken, however, to ensure a beautiful result. Cabinets must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of grease or oils that may interfere with the adhesion of the new paint. This is especially true of the areas around drawer and door pulls and knobs, and lower cabinets near the dishwasher, sink, and stove. If the original finish is still in good condition, it can be sanded down and then painted with a primer, or cleaned and painted with a primer suitable for glossy surfaces. Once the primer has dried, you can finish the job with two or three coats of satin or higher-gloss latex enamel. Please be aware that the open pores of the oak, even after painting, will still be visible unless you take the additional step of filling the grain before priming (similar to what the hardwood floor contractors do before staining your floors).

Do you make custom colors?

I do indeed make custom colors on site, especially for wall glazes and faux finishes, but also for traditional painting. The latter usually involves tweaking a standard color that is close but not quite right for the setting. Once the new color has been approved, I usually have it matched at Daly’s Paint and Decorating, which does an outstanding job of recreating any colors I’ve created. You can reach the Seattle store at 206-633-4200 and the Bellevue store at 425.454-3093. Alternatively, reach the staff at dalyspaint.com.